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Harmony, Monofilament Part, Lace Front, Synthetic Wig by Envy


Harmony: textured, flowing waves were meant to be tossed…. Our Lace Front Mono Part construction gives you those wispy bits at the hairline and one of the most realistic-looking parts on the market. This gal will never give away the secret that you’re wearing a wig.

Lace Front, Mono Part Line: The comfort and stylability you’ve come to expect in our Lace Front and Mono Part collections combine for a tour de force with our Lace Front Mono Part styles. Never again worry about those wispy bits at the hairline—our Lace Front technology ensures the most realistic appearance no matter how you wear it. Paired with the hand-tied Mono Part construction, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff in style and complete confidence.

Colour Shown: Chocolate Caramel




Cap Size: Average

Special Features:
Monofilament Part
Lace Front
Synthetic Hair

Front 4.5″
Crown 12.5″
Side 11″
Nape 11″

Envy: by designer Alan Eaton. You’ve always longed for that thick, gorgeous hair that turns heads when you walk into a room. Stylish, touchable, comfortable, and so well-fitted, the only thing anyone will notice is hair they wish they had. Feels good on and you can feel good about it!

Additional information

Weight 4.76 oz
Envy Hair Colours

Light Blonde. 2 toned blend of creamy blonde with champagne highlights, Medium Blonde. 26 & 23 blend – soft golden blonde with champagne blonde highlights, Dark Blonde. 3 toned blend of soft dark honey blonde with highlights, Ginger Cream. 41 Dark beige blonde underneath highlighted on top with light beige blonde, Vanilla Butter. 234/23 Golden blonde with champagne blonde blend, Frosted. 24/18T – Light brown & wheat blonde blend at roots tipped with wheat blonde, Almond Breeze. 18/22 Light brown with ash blonde blend, Chocolate Caramel. 829H Medium brown with soft red and blonde highlights, Golden Nutmeg. 27/234 Medium brown at roots (8)-overall warm cinnamon with golden blonde hightlights, Sparkling Champagne. 14/263 Medium brown at roots (8)-overall strawberry blonde highlighted with soft golden blonde, Mocha Frost. 18/26 Light brown with golden blonde blend, Toasted Sesame. 12/24 Medium brown at roots (8)-overall light brown higlighted with wheat blonde, Creamed Coffee. 123/637 Medium brown at roots (8)-overall md brown w/cinnamon & golden blonde highlights, Light Brown. 12 – Light Golden brown with highlights, Medium Brown. 10 – medium brown with natural highlights, Dark Brown. 4/6 mix – rich coffee color, Amaretto & Cream. 8/16 Dark brown at roots (4)-overall medium brown highlighted with honey blonde, Cinnamon Raisin. 637T Medium brown with auburn and cinnamon highlights, Black. 1B Black, Lighter Red. 29/26 Irish red with subtle blonde highlights, Chocolate Cherry. 10/130 Dark brown (4) at roots -overall medium brown highlighted with deep red, Dark Red. 33 with 32 highlights – auburn with brighter red highlights, Light Grey. 60 – pure white gray, Medium Grey. 56 – salt & pepper gray 50% medium brown 50% gray, Dark Grey. 38 – med to light brown with 40% gray


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